Franklin Flea

A curated market of vintage, handmades, and great food. The market fluctuates in size from 40-60 vendors, and operates at various locations indoors and out throughout the year. 

Holiday Market

2014's Franklin Flea Vintage Holiday Market was held at the Historic Strawbridge's Building. Location and dates for 2015 will be announced in the fall.

Philadelphia Art Book Fair

The 2015 two-day fair is presented by Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and The Print Center featuring photo and art book publishers, artists and institutions.

Shop Up Pop Up

One space, six weekends, six different pop-ups for the 2014 holiday season at Voorhees Town Center in South New Jersey. A project commissioned by PREIT.


Fluxus, LLC is a production company formed by Mark Vevle to produce and operate highly curated retail, food, art and design markets in underutilized spaces or public places. Fluxus is best known for Franklin Flea, a vintage market that fluctuates in size from 40-60 vendors and operates at various locations indoors and out throughout the year. Vevle draws on 15+ years of work in marketing, real estate development, and public art to organize retail and exhibition opportunities for entrepreneurs as a showcase for what makes the Philadelphia Region exceptional and extraordinary.

What's in a name:

Fluxus is a Latin word meaning flowing, fluid, or transient. Fluxus is also a cross-disciplinary art movement encompassing visual artists, composers, choreographers, writers, and architects from the 1960s and 70s that encouraged a "do-it-yourself" aesthetic, the blurring of creative boundaries, and appreciation of the quotidian.


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